FAQ Overview

Can I get a wiring schematic for this power unit?

Yes we have schematics for all of our standard power units. Just ask.

How do I get technical service?
Please call 865-933-5031 and ask for our tech department or go to our help page.
How do I know what size cylinder I have?

Measure the retract which is pin to pin closed and bore and stroke.

How do I return an item?
Call and tell us what is wrong, request an RMA # and we will instruct you how to send back.
How many amps will the DC units pull under maximum load?

245 Amps

How much will your 12VDC pumps lift?

They supply 3,000psi and your cylinder size will determine how much weight can be lifted.

What is our standard freight carrier for ground shipments?
We use Fedex on all ground shipments unless instructed otherwise.
What size pump do I need for my logsplitter?
We need to know what Horse Power engine you have.
What type of oil do I need to run in the pump I bought from you?
DC power units use ATF and all others can use standard tractor transmission fluid.