2019 Dalton Winter Catalog

1 1-865-933-5377 1-888-898-5031 sales@DALTONNET.com Product Directory Miscellaneous Power Transmission Bearings Hoses, Fittings & Accessories Power Units Hydraulic Valves Hydraulic Motors Hydraulic Pumps Rod & Tubing Hydraulic Cylinders PHONE: FAX: EMAIL: ORDER ONLINE: ROYAL LINE 2500 PSI - Heavy Duty Page 43,51 ROYALPLATE PLUS 3000 PSI Rated PRINCE Cylinders MAJESTIC LINE 2500 PSI Rated - Medium Duty SWORD LINE Heavy Duty - 3000 PSI Rated FORTRESS LINE Heavy Duty - 3000 PSI Rated GLADIATOR LINE Heavy Duty - 3000 PSI Rated TOP-LINK CYLINDER 3000 PSI Rated - Category I & II Page 2 Page 14 WIZARD LINE 3000 PSI Rated - Made to Order Page 38 Page 39 DALTON Welded Clevis Cylinder Page 24 Page 50 Page 40 DALTON Tie-Rod Cylinders DALTON Hydraulic Cylinders Telescopic Cylinders DALTON Welded Cross-Tube Cylinders Page 34 CYLINDER GUIDE WHAT S NEW AT DALTON? MASTER GUARANTEE DALTON WON’T BE BEAT We will beat or match ANY competitor’s price on PRINCE. Don’t be fooled by other’s claims, we are your MASTER distributor. Page 39 Page 42 Page 41 DALTON Large Bore Welded HEAVY DUTY Cylinder 3000 PSI Rated Page 30 MAVERICK BY DALTON Tie-Rod Cylinders Page 10 DALTON Welded PIN EYE Cylinder 3000 PSI Rated Page 32 Welded Swivel Mount Cylinders Page 23 MAVERICK BY DALTON 3000 PSI Tie-Rod Cylinders HEAVY DUTY Page 12 DALTON MANUFACTURING Let Dalton Hydraulic help you with your next custom design. Hydraulic Cylinders - Contact our highly trained custom sales department with your specifications, and let us handle the rest. We will provide you with a quote within 24-48 hours, and will offer you industry leading completion times on your custom cylinders. Custom Power Units - Dalton offers a dedicated staff strictly for power units, from the specification and design to the production. We offer quick quoting and delivery dates. With hundreds of options, no require- ment is too large or too small. Let your trusted source for hydraulic cylinders be your one source for all things hydraulic. Contact us today.